2 in 1 Wax Stripper and Degreaser

2N1 has been specially formulated for use in citrus houses and other types of packing facilities where wax buildup and heavy duty grime require constant cleaning.


Assault Water-Based Cleaner

The Ultimate in water based cleaners. With ASSAULT you have the best of both worlds, a powerful cleaner/degreaser without harsh solvents or caustics. The ideal grease remover for hard surfaces such as concrete floors, asphalt, pressure washing, packing shed floors, and virtually anywhere grease or grime are a problem. NSF approved.


Attack Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

SUNRISE'S ATTACK is the ultimate in heavy-duty water soluble degreasers. ATTACK is designed to be used on hard surfaces such as metal, brick and concrete. ATTACK will dissolve away the heaviest dirt and grease.

Bulls Eye Silicone Lubricant

SUNRISE' BULL'S EYE is a non-staining, stable blended formula that deeply penetrates, thus eliminating sticking problems and annoying squeaks. BULL'S EYE will repel water and ice and retard rust and corrosion. It will lubricate and free sticking windows, doors, drawers, zippers, cabinets, etc. Also, may be used on rubber, leather, metal, nylon, wood and painted surfaces. Do not apply directly to food. This can be used on food processing equipment where there is no contact of the lubricant with food.


Chain Guard F.G. Heavy Duty Chain Lubricant

CHAIN-GUARD FG is manufactured from a combination of high quality HVI solvent-extracted dual hydrogenated paraffinic base oils and selected synthetic base oils.









Echo 7 Adhesive and Glue Remover

100% natural, food grade, organic, biodegradable compound. Echo 7 is a powerful compound offering the ultimate in safety and environmental concern. 

Grime Fighter All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Highly concentrated compound for stripping away grime, grease deposits, oil, soap scum, and soft carbon deposits. For glass concrete sealed wood, tile and metal surfaces


Non-toxic and less noxious


Lightning F.G. Bulk Silicone Lubricant

A non-staining, stable blended formula that deeply penetrates, thus eliminating sticking problems and annoying squeaks. LIGHTNING will lubricate and free sticking windows, doors, drawers, zippers, cabinets, etc. 

Sling Glide ll Water Soluble Lubricant

SLING GLIDE II is at the forefront of lubrication technology in the agricultural industry. This compound is designed to lubricate and protect rubber tree shaker slings, while at the same time preventing bark damage to the tree. In automatic water injection systems, SLING GLIDE II will be applied each time the sling clamp opens. The surface of the shaker sling will be re-coated with a protective film. SLING GLIDE II is also an excellent wire-pulling compound and tire mounting lubricant.

Stay Slick Grease in a Can

Formulated for long-lasting lubrication and rust protection in food processing facilities. Translucent color allows for multiple application use without concern of dye contamination.




Sunrise Food Division Guide


Do you cook, bake, bottle, brew or distill? If so, you know cleaning and sanitizing are vital parts of your business. Contact Sunrise to make sure your facility is not only being compliant but also cost effective. 

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Natural, easy and cost effective.


Sunrise offers high quality products for all your asphalt and concrete needs.We offer environmental compliance products that can be used before and after saving you time and money. 


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