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2 'N' 1

2N1 has been specially formulated for use in citrus houses and other types of packing facilities where wax buildup and heavy duty grime require constant cleaning. Proper application will allow any user to quickly strip wax buildup from processing machinery. As the wax is being broken down, 2N1 is also cleaning the grease, grime and dirt commonly seen in food processing facilities. By combining two cleaning technologies into one powerful solution, 2N1 is designed to reduce man hours and machinery downtime by 50%. These expense reductions will increase your facilities output and in turn increase the bottom line. 


2 n 1 jug.png

NSF Approved
Category Code: A1

Registration No. : 158187

NSF Letter of Approval (Click Link)

Compliance and Restrictions
Technical Specs

Packaging Availability

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