ASSAULT  The ultimate in water based cleaners. With ASSAULT you have the best of both worlds, a powerful cleaner/degreaser without the harsh solvents or caustics. ASSAULT is highly concentrated allowing for maximum dilution ratios and money savings. (#2063)


ATTACK  Designed to be used on hard surfaces such as metal, brick, and concrete. ATTACK will dissolve away the heaviest dirt and grease. Ideal for removal of forklift tire marks from warehouse floors, oil stains from concrete driveways. (#2004)


BRAWNY  Specially formulated for both manual and automatic hood and vent cleaning, this ultra heavy-duty concentrate makes quick work of the most difficult situations. Superb on fry vat hoods and surrounding areas. Excellent for all commercial kitchen applications. (#2086)


BURST Specifically formulated for modern high pressure spray equipment. A concentrated product designed for high cleaning action with low sudsing to enable operators to observe work while cleaning. Safe on painted surfaces when used as directed. Non-streaking, non-clogging, non-toxic and non fuming. (#2119)


CHLORFOAM Designed for the cleaning of floors, walls, machinery and all processing apparatus. Although primarily targeted for the food processing and packaging industries, CHLORFOAM is an excellent cleaner for all areas requiring the benefits of a chlorine-based cleaning compound. (#2044)


CRUSH  This product is highly concentrated allowing for maximum dilution ratios and money savings. CRUSH is the ideal grease remover for hard surfaces such as concrete floors, asphalt, pressure washing, packing shed floors, and virtually anywhere grease or grime are a problem. (#2133)


“FEC”IL-I-TATE  An amazing product designed for the easy removal of manure and various other soils associated with dairy operations. This sophisticated blend of wetting agents, detergents and emulsifiers reduces difficult dairy tasks to a simple wash down process. (#2120) 


GRIME FIGHTER  Highly concentrated and effective in stripping away grime, grease deposits, oil, soap scum, as well as many stains and soft carbon deposits. A rust inhibitor provides safe cleaning of ferrous metals. Can be used for cleaning glass, concrete, sealed wood, quarry tile and all metal surfaces.(#2053)


HUSTLE  This natural, citrus-based degreasing cleaner is excellent on all hard surfaces for removing soap scum, grease and sticky deposits; and removes chewing gum from many types of carpet. Also for use in environmentally sensitive applications as it is 100% biodegradable. (#2089)


KLORLINE 500  Line purgative specially formulated for dairy plants, farm, and food processing industries. Harmless to stainless steel. Extra concentrated for high rates of dilution. Low solids content and high surfactant formulation make this perfect for your food processing facility. (#2071)


KRYSTAL KLEEN  Produces firm, long-lasting, easy-rinsing suds, and cuts the heaviest grease and grime. KRYSTAL KLEEN is ideal for all institutional hand dish washing applications. Also works wonderful as a pre-soak for baked-on food. Simply soak and let KRYSTAL KLEEN do the work for you. (#2057)


LACTAZINE  Heavy-duty chlorine compound especially designed for milk lines, milking machine parts, and other dairy equipment. May be used to clean equipment by hand or for CIP cleaning. LACTAZENE is most effective on dairy lines after your system has been cleaned with KLORLINE 500 or LINESOLVE. (#2126)


LASER GREEN  A truly remarkable cleaning compound in this formulation. This product is very highly concentrated allowing maximum dilution ratios for utmost economy. LASER GREEN is the ideal grease remover for hard surfaces such as concrete floors, asphalt, screens, processing plants and related equipment. (#2078)


LEMON TWIST  The ideal multi-purpose cleaner/deodorizer. LEMON TWIST has been formulated for the most difficult tasks as well as light to medium-duty operations. Truly unique in its design, LEMON TWIST is a necessity for acceleration of your cleaning needs. (#2030)


NUTRA CLEAN  A neutral ph, odorless liquid specially formulated for cleaning all types of surfaces without adversely affecting their finish. NUTRA CLEAN is recommended for use on wood floors, linoleum, rubber, asphalt, vinyl, plastic, tile, marble, terrazzo, painted walls, floors and all other surfaces. (#2031)


OBLITERATE  A highly concentrated cleaning agent designed to effectively combat fats, greases, dirt and grimes. OBLITERATE has maximum cleaning qualities combined with minimum foaming properties for free rinsing action. Safe on concrete, glass, terrazzo, quarry tile, metal and all marble surfaces. (#2088)


ORANGE EXPRESS  The ultimate in water based cleaners. With ORANGE EXPRESS you have the best of both worlds, a powerful cleaner/degreaser without the harsh solvents or caustics. ORANGE  EXPRESS is highly concentrated allowing for maximum dilution ratios and money savings. PH neutral and safe to use! (#2026)


PITCH OFF  Concentrated ammoniated pitch and tar remover. Designed for use on all wood processing equipment such as saw blades and chain saws. Also useful for removing sap dripping on cars, car windows, houses and house windows. Simply apply and work PITCH OFF into sap/pitch/tar built-up until gone.  (#2115)


QUICK KLEEN  Concentrated cleaner that effectively removes grease, oil, smudges, and road tar at high dilutions.  Completely safe for cleaning airplanes, buses, cars and trucks having acrylic, lacquer, enamel, and metallic painted surfaces. Harmless to chrome, aluminum and stainless steel. (#2045)


RAWHIDE  A highly concentrated cleaner and degreasing compound designed for the rapid removal of grease, oil, light carbon, stack soot, diesel residue, cosmoline and other difficult soils. The heavy ammonia “kicker” in RAWHIDE is designed to attack certain problem areas that other compounds will not touch. (#2038)


RED THUNDER  The magic of SUNRISE’S lab has once again produced a remarkable new cleaning compound. RED THUNDER is a non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, neutral cleaner. The economy of use and wide variety of applications give this non-alkaline workhorse superior results in all tasks. (#2144)


SANI-BRITE  A pine scented, heavy-duty cleaning and deodorizing system for use on hard surfaces. Use on bathroom fixtures, toilet bowls, urinals, porcelain and tile, shower stalls, and tubs to clean and deodorize. An outstanding material for use in restaurants, kitchens, and school cafeterias. (#2019)


SCALE-X  The ultimate in cleaning the most stubborn stains common to the portable toilet industry, such as urine and scale build-up as well as the heaviest dirt and grease stains. SCALE-X works great with the use of a pressure washer and as a pre-soak for the heaviest of stains. (#2174)


STEAMEZE  Ready to use. No messy dissolving or mixing. Special formulation reduces soil clogging. STEAMEZE quickly removes oil, grease and dirt from metal and concrete surfaces. The special penetrants in this formula assure a clean surface ready for painting. Do not use full strength on aluminum or its alloys. (#2046)


TITAN  A multi-purpose degreasing liquid. This product is very highly concentrated allowing maximum dilution ratios for utmost economy. TITAN may be diluted with either hot or cold water depending on the application and preference of the user. A popular choice among public works departments. (#2061)


TWIN POWER  Although this cleaner contains no chlorinated solvents or benzene, it quickly and easily removes heavy deposits of oxidized waxes, greases, baked-on carbons, soot, gums, resins, oils, carbon deposits, dyes, scum, inks or any other problem substances. (#2048)


VENOM  SUNRISE has combined two powerful cleaning technologies to formulate this ultra-cleaner. VENOM provides controlled amounts of foam that rinses quickly and completely.  Works well on engine blocks, concrete floors and any hard surface and will remove petroleum substances quickly. (#2191)


VERT A KLEEN Formulated to save money and effort by reducing the amount of product applied to a vertical surface. Unlike standard degreasers. VERT A KLEEN is specially formulated to adhere to upright surfaces without running. Unique gripping agents allow for increased dwell-time and more efficient cleaning. (#2140)








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