AQUA CLEAR 32 A compound chemically engineered to prevent the build-up of hard water minerals and rust in chilled water systems, water towers or evaporative coolers. For best results use AQUA CLEAR via a metered dosage system on a daily basis. (#2116)


BLACKHAWK   Can be used on metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, rubber and most paint and plastics. As an instant gasket maker, this product replaces a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt and metal gaskets. BLACKHAWK withstands intermittent temperatures up to 600 F and pressure up to 350 psi. (#1038)


FORCE FIELD Formulated to protect, seal and waterproof just about any surface.  FORCE FIELD will dry to a tough, flexible rubberized coating that will give it super durability in all kinds of conditions.  FORCE FIELD is ideal for use in sealing and waterproofing batteries, tools, signs and much more. (#1103)


FLASHPHALT This extraordinary compound has been blended using the remarkable abilities of Soy solvent, extracted from the Soy bean. Not only is this compound extremely effective at removing tar and asphalt but also, the user can be assured of environmental compliance. (#2130) 


GUARD  This coating is a highly flexible film that will not crack, chip, or peel and has a high heat and low temperature resistance. Use GUARD to seal connections, protect exposed parts, prevent arcing, and as a long lasting positive protection against grease, alkali, oil, dust, acid and salt air. (#1003)


INSECT FOGGER  Total release fogger for fleas and roaches with insect growth regulator. Kills adult and pre-adult fleas, prevents reinfestation for 7 months. For use in rooms, apartments, homes, attics, basements, campers, boats, household storage areas, garages, pet sleeping areas, cabins. (#1006) 


INSECT REPELLENT  High DEET (40%) concentration allows for maximum protection against a large variety of insects including mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, flies and fleas. An important piece of equipment for anyone working in the outdoor elements. Fine mist ensures quick and thorough coverage. (#1027) 


MICRON 8  A computer age product developed for protecting glass and plexiglass surfaces. MICRON 8 extends the time interval between cleaning of the surface as well as protects it from harmful atmospheric conditions. Eliminates surface distortion on computer terminals thus reducing eye fatigue of the operator.(#1064)


PYROX A Concentrated liquid, designed for use in fighting all “CLASS A” fires. The unique blend of surfactants and foam stabilizing compounds makes PYROX-A superior for use in not only foam-generating equipment but also standard nozzle and aerial applications. (#2112)


RECOIL  The answer to the easy cleaning of refrigeration and compressor vanes in air conditioning units and heat exchangers. The high-density foam generated by RECOIL is ideal for allowing extended working time in those hard-to-reach areas.  Attacks a normally time-consuming task with rapid, efficient results. (#1076)


SIDEKICK  The optimum leather cleaner and conditioner available today. The outstanding blend of cleansing soaps, real Australian Beeswax and refined mink oil create the ultimate cleaning/conditioning system for leathers and natural hide products. (#1069)


THRUSTER Chemically neutralizes rust and leaves a long-term preventative coating in its place. THRUSTER seals, protects and extends the life of ferrous metal. The application of this compound turns the rusted area into a black protective finish. After curing, the affected area may be painted if desired. (#2105)


TROUBLE SHOOTER This fast-breaking, foaming solvent is a must for all shop and maintenance operations. The ease of application makes short work of heavily soiled areas. Use TROUBLE SHOOTER to remove grease, oil, tar, brake fluid, some paints and most other soils from concrete and masonry surfaces. (#1093)


VANGUARD  A blended formula of special non-staining chemicals which put a clear protective coating on any surface. VANGUARD can be used in schools and public buildings to protect desks, lockers, painted surfaces, walls and doors. VANGUARD should be used in school buses on the seats and seat backs. (#1093)




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