EXECUTE  The forefront of cleaning technology. This product is designed for use on any vertical surface (its unique gelling action enables it to stay on vertical surfaces longer for deeper cleaning ability), as well as any hard surface. Cleans glue residue, asphalt, slurry and black kick marks. (#1083*)


EXETER  A powerful, orange-scented degreaser offering the ultimate in safety and environmental concern.  Ideal for use in parts washers as it quickly removes grease and grime. EXETER is also extremely effective on glues, tape residue and cable icky-pik. (#1065*)


EZ-1  Instantly removes heavy grease and grime without mechanical scrubbing. It is fast, safe, and economical; is easily disposable, and has a long cleaning life. Contains no Benzene, is non-corrosive and leaves no residue. EZ-1 does not affect plastic parts and may be used on aluminum and alloy parts. (#2100)


FLUSH-OFF  A mixture of emulsifiable solvents and fast action additives. This solution saves man hours by flushing sludge and greasy residue from metal and painted surfaces quickly and safely. Proven to be very valuable to machine repair depots, street and highway departments and school bus garages. (#1040)


LECTRON  Specifically developed as a cold cleaning solvent, free of chlorinated and fluorinated solvents. Ideal for general purpose cleaning, removing grease, oil and contaminants from all electrical devices. LECTRON has been tested to 30,000 volts dielectric strength. (#1074*)


LEKTRIKLEEN  The optimum replacement for 1,1,1, Trichloroethane. This fast-evaporating compound leaves no residue, is non-flammable and has a dielectric strength of 36.7 KV.  Ideal for cutting and penetrating all soils associated with the electronics environment, including flux. (#1033*)


OVERTIME  Ideal for degreasing highway equipment, machinery, truck and auto engines, metal parts, concrete and painted concrete floors, airplane bodies, truck bodies, and railroad engines. Flush target area with OVERTIME and watch the grease and oil dissolve away. Aerosol not available in California. (#1006*)


PHAZER II  An ultimate purity, dielectric, non-hazardous, and non-flammable spray specially formulated for removing oil, grease, flux and other contaminants from sophisticated electronic parts. PHAZER II leaves no residue. Use on control panels, tuners, terminals, relay switches, contacts and electronic equipment. (#1031)


PRISM  Fully biodegradable tar and grease remover for environmentally sensitive applications and safety for users. For use in all tar, crude oil, asphalt and general degreasing applications. Based on citrus distillate and biodegradable detergent-suspending system. (#1066*)


SOLVEX  The answer to your single-step, low cost, maximum performance solvent needs. SOLVEX provides excellent grease, oil, fuel and torque fluid cutting ability, and is excellent for use in parts washing equipment or as a pre-soak prior to cleaning. No dilution required for California VOC.(#2029)


STINGER  Today’s answer to the demand for a fast-cleaning, quick-drying solvent compound. The additional benefit of non-flammability makes this an outstanding choice for the electronics industry as well as applications requiring a compound that will not leave annoying residue. (#1082*)


STRIKER  Two powerful solvents combine to make the ultimate solvent-based cleaner. STRIKER has been tested to 49 kilovolts dielectric and can therefore be used around electrical components in a wide variety of applications. STRIKER is for use where equipment is energized. (#1108)


VOLTON  The optimum replacement for 1,1,1, Trichloroethane. This fast-evaporating compound leaves no residue, is non-flammable and has a dielectric strength of 36.7 KV. In addition, VOLTON has a KB rating of 129 , which exceeds that of 1,1,1, Trichloroethane. (#1042)