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Shaker Central 2019!

At Sunrise Environmental, we know how complex agricultural equipment is and how much care goes into each machine. We take our clients' needs to heart and have perfected a number of products to keep your nut harvesting equipment in peak condition!


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Pre-order any of the 2 Harvest Products below before 5/15/19 and receive a 40% discount off any Post-Harvest Maintenance products.
Use promo code "EBS2019"*

REFER A farmer

Receive a free case of Sling Glide II, Release 250 or Pruning Seal 911 when you refer
another farmer to purchase Sunrise Shaker Products.
Use promo code "REFER2019"** 
* Limited to 1 purchase, up to $250. Discount cannot exceed the original purchase.
** New Customer must purchase a min of $500 to qualify for free product. 


During Harvest

Pad & Shaker Pretreat
Extends the life of rubber shaker slings. Apply prior to and during shaking to greatly reduce friction and heat during harvest. Developed to be used with Sling Glide II and Release 222.
Release 222
For manual applications. Lubricates and protects rubber shaker slings. Deeply penetrates into rubber to provide a slippery surface. Reduces friction and heat. Prevents bark damage to tree.
Release 250
Similar to Release 222, comes in aerosol form. Synthetic formula allows for longer shelf life. Non-toxic.
Sling Glide II
Our premier shaker season product, this is the best water soluble shaker lubricant on the market! For automatic and manual applications. Protects both trees and slings from damage. Dilution rates up to 100:1, non-gumming formulation.
911 Pruning Seal
Heals tree wounds and seals off grafting by closing wounds. Prevent bark damage and keep your trees healthy this shaker season and beyond.
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Post-Harvest Maintenance

Armour Guard
Rubber, vinyl, and plastic protection for all types of equipment. Conditions and protects against the harmful effects of age and weather.
Chain & Cable Lube
Designed to reduce friction and extend the life of the chain. Creates a tough durable film to combat corrosion, friction, and wear. Suitable in a wide variety of temperatures. Polymer-based.
Our miraculous wax and paint restoration product. Carnauba based for long lasting protection from the sun, weather, and other harsh elements.
Rubber, vinyl, and plastic rejuvenator. One-step aerosol application for quick and easy conditioning. For all of your equipment!
Advanced cleaning technology for glass, chrome, and other hard surfaces. User-friendly, streak-free, and fast drying.
High-volume foaming soap and washing compound for use on equipment and vehicles. High dilution rates make for max cost efficiency! 
Truck Restore
HF-based cleaner that removes hard water, scale, dirt, and road film. Restores aluminum surfaces to "like new!" conditions.
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