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SUNRISE’S amazing ARMOR GUARD/ENHANCE formulas are now available in this handy, easy-to-use and disposable towel. You receive all the convenience and effectiveness of these fine products in this all new format. Simply remove a towel from the bucket and wipe on surface. Watch as your tires, seats, furniture, bar tops, tables, upholstery and all manner of surfaces take on new luster as well as receive the protection that they deserve. Use PREEN to rejuvenate painted surfaces on aircraft, autos and all types of equipment. PREEN has been shown to reduce the effectiveness of graffiti when applied to the walls of bathroom stalls, the backs of school bus seats and similar surfaces. The application makes the graffiti easier to remove and at the same time, it will destroy some felt-tipped markers, rendering them useless. Put PREEN to work for you today.


SKU: 4030
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