Proper cleaning and scheduled maintenance is becoming ever-more valuable in today’s economic climate. Customers are increasingly sensitive to the visual appearance of your fleet and facility. Pair this with new equipment cost and it is easy to appreciate Sunrise’s complete line of products for automotive needs.

Some things you just can’t buy at the mega-box stores; good thing there is Sunrise! Our Outdoor & Industrial Maintenance line is full of products you just can’t find anywhere else. These items are specially designed for public works departments, construction companies, mechanical facilities and all other institutions needing an industrial solution to their everyday problems.


Walnut shell based hand cleaner.

Bombshell is designed to penetrate quickly and melt grease from deep skin areas. Contains rich surfactant and walnut shell microbes to aid in penetrating stubborn areas where grime is prone.  Thickest grit on the market yet gentle to the skin. Made from natural resources and biodegradable.

Great with removing asphalt, grease, resin, oil, paint, adhesives, and tar.

GALAXY 250.png

The very best car care products for use in both automatic and manual bay car wash  systems.


Sunrise’s “Rags in a Bucket” are unlike any other product on the market. We start with a 12x12 inch towel woven with cotton for extra durability and strength. Then we soak it in one of our powerful solutions and package it all in our rough, tough and convenient bucket for maximum portability.  


Sunrise’s unique line of quality lubricants has become an industry cornerstone. We are proud to offer a wide variety of products featuring multiple lubricating agents. Choose from products blended with mineral oils, Teflon®, silicone, moly, synthetic grease and more! We have the answer to your sticky situation.


Sunrise is proud to present a full and diverse line of FOOD GRADE products for your processing facility needs. Although these products are made with 100% food grade ingredients, they don’t sacrifice Sunrise’s trademark quality and performance.

Our extensive line of JANITORIAL cleaning supplies have been engineered for complete satisfaction by our customers. Many of our products have been cleaning offices, apartments and other facilities for over 40 years! Don’t forget to check out our complete line of ODOR CONTROL items for your business.


These products have been uniquely formulated for resistant odors in a large range of industries including waste collection, sewage disposal, janitorial, etc. Specialty ingredients including enzymes, reodorants and super concentrated scents are designed for use in the toughest odor situations. 

Our SPECIALTY PRODUCTS are a combination of items you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you still can’t find the product you are looking for, contact your Sales Representative to discuss our custom blending options!

Water, Solvent & Acid Based Cleaners