AGRI FLUSH  Formulated to neutralize and clean containers used to store and spray pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Sunrise understands the sensitive nature of vegetation and the importance of proper equipment cleaning. This is why we have developed a product that is powerful, but easy to use. (#4029)


AQUA THERM  Designed as an additive for use in all hot and warm water circulating parts washers. It is ideal for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The blending of detergents, solvents and emulsifying compounds in AQUA THERM enables it to penetrate the most difficult oil and grease-bearing soils. (#2085)


ASPHALT RELEASE  A revolutionary new bed, form and equipment treatment. Using soy as the main active ingredient, the user can be assured of environmental compliance in all applications. This product is designed for the easy removal of asphalt and concrete forms. Also use for removal of buildup on all tools. (#2131)


BAN ICE  An ice melter unlike any other. This scientific marvel actually helps prevent the destruction of concrete by preventing “freeze & thaw” cycle. Only BAN ICE contains the patented additive “Parapolice” which combines with melted snow to form a polymer barrier of protection. Safe for use around plants and animals. (#4006)


CHAMELION  The ultimate choice for concrete floor cleaning. CHAMELION was specially developed to cut through the toughest of grease but be user friendly in all environments. The ingredients in CHAMELION are perfect for cleaning concrete floors and those tough areas that require an extra heavy-duty cleaner. (#4035)


CITRA-SLIDE  A completely new and unique approach to the issue of asphalt release agents. CITRA-SLIDE combines citrus and soy power into one for an unbelievable compound. This product will not only provide bed protection for multiple loads of asphalt but also doubles as a superb cleaner for slurry and related build up. (#2039)


CONQUER  A versatile, biodegradable concrete, scale, and hard water remover.  In addition, CONQUER will also remove mineral deposits such as hard water from glass and scale build up. CONQUER does not contain any inorganic acids and is formulated to ensure personal safety and lower operating costs. (#2027)


DEFENDER  Highly effective material used guard concrete, stone, pavers and other forms of masonry from the damaging and unsightly effects of stains and water damage. This invisible product impregnates the surfaces with an barrier that does not allow other liquids into the stone. (#2117)


DISINTEGRATE  Formulated for use in sewage treatment plants and lagoons, and for the treatment of septic tanks, cesspools, drains and grease traps. Non-caustic and non-corrosive. Will not attack metals or porcelain finishes as in sinks and wash basins. Ingredients are non-toxic. Contains aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. (#4024)


DISSIPATE  Fast-acting foam displacement compound for use in all types of applications. The blend of ingredients in this product is designed to reduce the surface tension of bubbles so that they can no longer support their spherical shape. For use in automatic car wash applications, parts washers, etc. (#2027)


D.O.A. WASP KILLER  Long range. Kills wasps, hornets, bees, and spiders outdoors; kills roaches, crickets, ants, spiders, centipedes, silverfish, water bugs indoors. D.O.A. shoots a lethal spray into nests, crevices, and holes from 20 feet! D.O.A. has the additional benefit of killing with residual action. (#1041)


ENVIRO-SOLVE  This compound is designed to break down grease and sludge build-up in lift stations. ENVIRO-SOLVE first acts as an odor mask. ENVIRO-SOLVE floats on top of the water acting as a cap for any unpleasant odor. The second function ENVIRO-SOLVE accomplishes is the breakdown of buildup. (#2108)


ERASE  This amazing product has been developed to remove paints, inks, crayons, lipstick and unsightly obscenities from virtually any hard surface. With it’s citrus fragrance, ERASE aids in leaving the area with a clean scent. In addition, ERASE works well on masonry surfaces. Ideal for street signs with reflection. (#1084)


F.F. EJ-1  Highly concentrated blend of surfactants, salts and detergents. This compound is ideal for stripping and degreasing all ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts normally cleaned in a Jet Washing machine. The unique blend of materials enhances grease flotation and penetrates the most stubborn greases. (#4026)


FORMULA 44-40  Specially developed to cut through the toughest of grease but be user friendly in all environments. The ingredients in FORMULA 44-40 are perfect for cleaning concrete floors and those tough areas that require an extra heavy-duty cleaner. Economical and powerful. (#4045)


G-FORCE  Formulated for the easy removal of graffiti, primarily from walls, concrete, and broad sections of surface that have been tagged. G - FORCE is designed to remove paint, crayon, marker, pencil, pen, lipstick and most any form of graffiti from bridge abutments, street signs, walls, sidewalks, etc. (#2149)


GHOST  A unique product designed specifically for the artificial turf industry. Use GHOST to remove adhesive from turf, tools and hands. Also works great for cleaning other types of debris from turf, including soda, gum, spit, etc. GHOST will completely evaporate, therefore not leaving an oily mess! (#1125)


HOTLINE  Granulated sewer compound that is activated by water. The high HEAT and AGITATION generated by HOT LINE removes debris and settlements from sewer lines. This non-flammable powder is fast acting for immediate results. For industrial use only. (#4001 )


METEOR  A safe, non-alkaline “hot-tank” cleaner. This stripping agent cleans non-ferrous metals of grease, paint, carbon and grime. Save time and money by simply allowing METEOR to do the cleaning. No need for heavy duty scrubbing or repeated passes from pressure washers. Just dip & strip! (#4022)


NOSRE D.N.A.  The unique blend of materials in NOSRE D.N.A. enhances grease flotation, penetrates the most stubborn grease and carbon build-up while providing reduced incidence of nozzle blockage. SUNRISE recommends the use of our product SWEET SPOT in conjunction with NOSRE D.N.A. to prevent foam. (#4025)


PLOW EASE  The latest chemical additives are incorporated in this product to increase the efficiency of snow removal equipment by plating the blades with hard, diamond-like particles. This reduces the friction of the snow against the blade, reducing the power required to remove a greater volume of snow and ice. (#2012)


PREVENT  Melts ice and snow and helps to prevent freezing on walks, driveways, intersections, culverts, bridges, steps, ramps, loading docks or other places where ice and snow may be a problem. May be used by sewage plants as it contains no harsh heat-generating chemicals to harm operation of the plant. (#2050)


PURGE  A highly effective material designed to break down the solids in lift stations. The special ingredient in PURGE will attack the build-up of deposits that are unique to lift stations. PURGE will actually liquefy the solids which will allow them to be flushed down the lines as the float activates. (#4034)


SHADE  A scientific blend of inert dyes which, when introduced into water, alters the color of the water, producing the ultimate in aesthetic value. SHADE is safe and is harmless to humans and animals when used in accordance with recommended dilutions. For use in ponds, lakes and other desired bodies of water. (#2034)


SPIL-SORB  A highly absorbent material designed to accelerate the cleaning process. This product is ideal for use in commercial shops, bus garages, airplane hangars, or wherever oil spills occur. SPIL-SORB absorbs oil, fuels, greases and solvents to make short work of your cleaning process. (#4017)


STRIKE  Designed for the removal of tar, asphalt, sap and other sticky build-up from trucks, cars, heavy equipment and most hard surfaces. SUNRISE’S eco-friendly formulation blends two natural compounds together creating this powerful cleaner for your paving needs. (#1118)


STRONG ARM  Perfect for cleaning concrete floors and those tough areas that require an extra heavy-duty cleaner. Due to it’s concentrated powder form, is the optimum choice for the price conscientious consumer. One 40# keg of STRONG ARM makes up to 240 gallons of powerful cleaner.  (#4003)


SWEEP EASE  Our new blended, sweeping compound is a definite necessity for all industrial, municipal and institutional maintenance operations. SWEEP EASE is a fantastic sweeping assistant which lessens sweeping time and lengthens the intervals between sweepings. (#4016)


TAG MASTER  State-of-the-art compound that is designed to resist penetration of graffiti on virtually any surface that graffiti is found. TAG MASTER is easily applied by brushing, spraying or wiping. TAG MASTER dries to form a protective coating that prevents against graffiti penetration. (#2033)


TALON  The ideal selection for removing aerosol paints from highway and street signs, usually without removing the luminescent, reflective quality of the affected area. In addition, it performs as a superior graffiti remover. It will remove most paints and inks from walls, floors, painted and unpainted surfaces. (#1078*)


THERMO DIP  Granular dip-tank compound for cleaning all ferrous metal types. Designed for simplicity; simply mix THERMO-DIP into heated bath of water, soak parts, remove, and rinse free. Concentrated formulation allows for repeated use of dip bath without spiking the mix. (#4014)


T-STRIP  For ease in removing paints, lacquers, enamels, varnish, shellacs, acrylics, etc., from plaster, masonry, stone, wood, metal, glass, or ceramic. The unique characteristics of T-STRIP allows it to work on vertical surfaces without running or streaking. (#1020) 


WIPE OFF  Our flagship product is used around the world for quick, easy and efficient removal of graffiti from any surface. Designed for removal of paints, inks, crayon, lipstick and nearly any other implementation of vandalism.  A must have product for public works departs, portable toilet companies, etc. (#1009*)