CLEAN BREEZE  High-tech “DRY” formulation provides the ultimate in freshening, persistence and cleanliness. CLEAN BREEZE is not a mask, it is a neutralizer. This aerosol is made with a unique valve that allows either intermittent spray or total can evacuation for “fogging,” which covers 8,000 cu. ft. of foul odors. (#1063)


ELIMINATE Granular odor control. Use in garbage containers, removal equipment, dumps, leach fields, sludge beds, sewers, barns or wherever strong odors are a problem. This unique product absorbs foul odors while at the same time, deodorizes with a pleasant cherry scent. (#4018)


HYDROFOIL Effective in reducing the odors of natural gas in-line testing and construction. Reduces odors in grease traps, urinal traps and drains. Removes urine, vomit, waste, and pet odors from carpeting. Use as a deodorizer in multiple applications. Contains protein, starch and cellulose digesting bacteria. (#2063*)


SUMMIT Specially formulated for controlling odors in sewage disposal plants, lagoons, sludge drying beds, drainage ditches, aerators, land fills, refuse dumps, sewer mains, storm sewers, wet wells, lift and pumping stations, garbage dumps and trucks. For municipal, professional and industrial use only. (#2006)


TERMINATOR  An extremely concentrated blend of ingredients designed to give optimum performance in the portable toilet industry. TERMINATOR has been developed to be effective in each of the four seasons allowing the utmost in economy.   Available in Cherry (#2092), Mulberry (#2154) Bubble Gum (#2155) fragrances. 


TERMINATOR ULTRA SHOT   Twice the deodorizing power of regular TERMINATOR for extreme situations. Ideal for high heat and sensitive toilet locations.  Approved for land application disposal due to eco-friendly components.  Available in Cherry (#2158), Mulberry (#2157) & Bubble Gum (#2159) fragrances. 

TROPICAL ORANGE is truly a unique formulation, designed to enhance the ambiance of any target environment. Close your eyes and envision a tropical island paradise with a fresh bowl of sliced oranges. Now you have SUNRISE'S TROPICAL ORANGE. This economical formula can be diluted with water for even greater money savings. Spray TROPICAL ORANGE and wait for the comments to begin. (#2099)


Sunrise is proud to offer a variety of unique and powerful odor neutralizers. These high-tech fragrances and formulations provide the ultimate in freshening, persistence, and cleanliness. Our extra-large aerosol can allows for large area application without problems. Rotating these scents will ensure a new and refreshing aroma is always in the air. Choose from:

#1091  APPLE AIRE