ASSAULT  The ultimate in water based cleaners. With ASSAULT you have the best of both worlds, a powerful cleaner/degreaser without the harsh solvents or caustics. ASSAULT is highly concentrated allowing for maximum dilution ratios and money savings. (#2063)


ATTACK  Designed to be used on hard surfaces such as metal, brick, and concrete. ATTACK will dissolve away the heaviest dirt and grease. Ideal for removal of forklift tire marks from warehouse floors, oil stains from concrete driveways. (#2004)


BREAKER 1-9  One of SUNRISE’s lated formulations in the world of “Food Grade” compounds. This remarkable product is not only a tough citrus-based solvent but also water-soluble so you can easily rinse away with water after clean up. A favorite  product of food processing plants across the Great San Joaquin Valley. (#1111)


BULL’S EYE FG  A non-staining, stable blended formula that deeply penetrates, thus eliminating sticking problems and annoying squeaks. BULL’S EYE will repel water and ice, as well as retard rust and corrosion. Target this lubricant for all your food processing needs. (#1109)


CHAIN GUARD FG  A combination of high quality HVI solvent extracted from dual hydrogentated paraffinic and selected synthetic base oils. Fortified with food grade antiwear agents and a tackifer agent to impart maximum antiwear and clinging characteristics. (#1004)


CLEAR TAC FG  With the combination of being a synthetic grease, is designed for use in higher speed bearing applications or where less tenacious grease is required. A multi purpose, non-melting and waterproof and is designed to seal out water and lubricate under the most demanding conditions.(#1119)


ECHO 7 A powerful compound offering the ultimate in safety and environmental concern. Spray this orange scented, organic solvent on to any hard surface and watch its ablities. Quickly and effectively take care of problems within food packing and processing facilities. See your SUNRISE rep for all of ECHO 7’s uses. (#1112)


FG-450  State-of-the-art multi-purpose aluminum complex food grade grease out on the market today. FG-450 is authorized by the U.S.D.A. for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for incidental contact with food (Category H-1). Tacky texture adds extra adhesion and allows it to stick where it is applied. (#4041) 


LIGHTNING FG UNSCENTED A stable blended formula that deeply penetrates, thus eliminating sticking problems and annoying squeaks. Will repel water and ice and retard rust and corrosion. It will lubricate and free sticking convyors, moving parts, etc. (#2293)


ONE SHOT FG Specifically formulated for the lubrication, maintenance and protection of equipment in the food processing industry. Lubricates precision equipment, provides lasting protection for tools, jigs and fixtures, penetrates and frees rusted or frozen parts. (#1039)


SNIPER A unique combination of ingredients that markedly reduce surface tension which permits rapid, deep penetration of corroded parts. SNIPER’S unique spray head permits spraying from any angle. SNIPER has an affinity to metal which aids penetration. Residual oil film lubricates and provides protection. (#1110)


SUPER GLIDE FG Non-staining orange scented silicone that eliminates sticking problems and annoying squeaks. Will repel water and ice and will retard rust and corrosion from all moving parts, including food processing equipment. May also be used on rubber, leather, metal, nylon, wood and painted surfaces. (#1087)


STAY SLICK FG  Formulated for long-lasting lubrication and rust protection in food processing facilities. Premium synthetic compounds are designed to out-last similar spray greases by 3 times, saving time and money. High temp range (20-350°) makes this the go-to option for all areas of a food processing facility. (#1114)


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