ACRILAX  High gloss without the hazard of slipperiness.  Hospitals, nursing homes and department stores can now have beautiful, easy to maintain floors which are flip resistant, water resistant and black mark resistant. Gives a higher gloss without any polishing or buffing. (#2035)


BLITZ A granular drain opening system. Formulated for heavy-duty jobs. Will not harm plastics or other drain components. Packaged in a convenient size for safe and effective use. Use in sink or floor drains for quick and easy removal of various debris. (#3004)


BRITE WASH  A granular laundry detergent concentrate. BRITE WASH lifts out and floats away tough dirt and grime, yet is safe to any washable fabric. Easily removes any stain, grease or grime. In most cases you can use up to 1/2 as much BRITE WASH to do the same job you are now doing. (#4002)


KRYSTAL ICE  With the development of KRYSTAL ICE, SUNRISE has provided the market with the most advanced technology in glass, chrome and porcelain cleaning. It contains no alcohol or harsh solvents, yet it is fast-drying and virtually non-streaking when used in accordance to label instructions. (#1067*)


LIFT-OFF  The SUNRISE laboratory has developed this fantastic new product to ease your carpet and upholstery spot cleaning tasks. Use LIFT-OFF on carpets, upholstery, bed spreads, curtains, draperies and virtually all soft surfaces where spot removal is desired. LIFT-OFF will remove most minor stains. (#1100)


METAL MAGIC  For use on any stainless steel surface. No rubbing or scraping necessary. Just spray on and wipe. METAL MAGIC leaves a protective film that lasts. Contains no acids or abrasives. METAL MAGIC leaves no powdery residue either. (#1035)


OVEN MAGIC  Safe to use on porcelain and chrome oven surfaces, glass, ceramics, stainless steel and cast iron. Foaming solution reduces scrubbing and repeat applications. Available in multiple packaging options for ease and value. (#1021*)


PACEMAKER  A proven cleaner for table tops, counter tops, vinyl, leather and upholstery, varnished, painted and enameled surfaces, formica, stainless steel, woodwork, exhaust fans.  Excellent for bathroom fixtures, shower stalls, tile grouting, etc. (#1037)


POWER PLUS  Designed for today’s new, more durable polymer finishes. It unlocks those cross linked polymers to provide easy stripping. POWER PLUS has many other uses as well, cleans soap scum in showers, degreaser metal surfaces, concrete floors, walls, grills, fans, etc. (#2058)


QUASAR  Provides the fast cleaning, non-streaking, performance that makes glass cleaning easy. The high foaming characteristics of QUASAR allow it to dwell on the surface for deeper cleaning abilities. The tri-ammonia blend of this product allows it to be sprayed on and wiped off without any residue left behind. (#1107*)


QUICKDRAW  Designed for high speed application and removal of most carpet and upholstery spots, spills and blemishes. The unique valve and actuating system enables the user to apply this amazing formula from the standing position. It’s time for a showdown with your carpets and upholstery. (#1058)


RED FLASH Is a liquid drain opener designed to control organic blockage due to paper, hair, grease, lint, etc. Used as a regular maintenance item, RED FLASH will drastically reduce the occurrence of blockages, back-ups and slow moving drains.  Will not harm pipe systems. (#2010)


SHIMMER RTU  Ready to use glass cleaner. Conveniently packaged in 32oz spray bottles for quick, easy and efficient use. Cuts through fingerprints, smudge and build-up with ease. Leaves your glass and chrome shiny and streak free. Ideal for any and all facilities. (#5057)


STREAK OUT  The newest product in the Sunrise Janitorial line.  STREAK OUT is excellent for use on windows, mirrors, windshields and other glass objects.  STREAK OUT contains no ammonia and will leave a clean and streak free surface every time. (#1129)


“TOTAL” DISINFECTANT SPRAY  HELPS KILL: Psedomonacide, Virucide, Mildewcide, Fungicide, Staphylocide and Tuberculocide. Disinfects Herpes Simplex virus type 1 and 2. Influenza A2 (Hong Kong) and HIV-1 (AIDS virus).  Use airborne or on surfaces; it has a pleasant scent for a fresh environment. (#1018)


TRAPSHOOT  A natural citrus-based grease and tar dissolver, this fine product is the answer to sluggish drains and their offensive odors. This product is also an excellent grease and tar remover in solvent applications. Use on a weekly basis for best results. (#2091)


ULTIMATE  A highly concentrated liquid designed for use in modern steam cleaning and extractor type carpet cleaning equipment. ULTIMATE includes optical brighteners, water conditioners and a true odor counteractant which helps to remove odors and leaves a refreshingly clean fragrance. (#2025)


WHIRLWIND  This new product is designed to leave minimum detergent residues in carpet and upholstery applications, and minimizes the spotting or mottling of surfaces that are spot cleaned with it. Full strength cleaner may be used sparingly on carpets and upholstery to instantly remove spots and stains of all kinds. (#2087*)


WHITE ‘N BRITE  Concentrated, liquid chlorine bleach used in general laundry applications where the extra de-staining power of active chlorine is desired. WHITE ‘N BRITE may be used either as a bleach in normal laundry operations or as a de-staining presoak for blood and other protein stains. (#2075)