ALL STAR Heavy-duty hand cleaner with pumice abrasive designed to scrub away deep down dirt and grime. Perfectly blended ingredients never separate and never fail to leave your skin clean. Clean apple scent.


BOMBSHELL This extra heavy-duty hand cleaner blows away dirt, grease and grime with it’s thick and gritty walnut shell abrasive. Don’t be fooled, by other products, BOMBSHELL is the original and still the best walnut-shell hand cleaner available. 


CITRUS PUNCH This hand cleaner is balances the proper amount of active cleaner and moisturizing compounds with a nice orange smell. If you like your current “orange pumice” hand cleaner, you’ll love the power of CITRUS PUNCH.


COCO SOAP Liquid hand soap blended with cochin coconut oil for extra moisturizing ability. Ideal for use in restrooms, kitchens and other public locations.


CONSEPT 1 Antibacterial and sanitizing hand soap. Designed to help prevent the spread of bacteria and disease. Designed for repeated daily use.


CRUNCH TIME A heavy duty hand cleaner made with real “fine” Walnut shells for premium cleaning power. Perfect for the customer who wants a superior hand cleaner without a super-abrasive grit. High quality mostuirisers leave hands soft and smooth. 

DERMI-GEL Waterless hand cleaner containing Vitamin E and moisturizers designed for multiple daily use without drying or cracking hands. Contains 69% alcohol.


DETONATE Our improved formulation of DETONATE! has been turning heads since it’s 2016 release. No solvents combined with a intermediate dosage of grit, gets the job done every time. Time to dump your cherry hand cleaner for this dynamo!


GRIND This extra-chunky hand cleaner continues to GRIND away the dirt from filthy hands. A long time favorite of people with “dirty jobs”. Our special formulation prevents hands from cracking. Perfect lemon-lime scent.


JEWEL Effective and economical hand soap for most applications. Ideal for anyone looking for a great bulk hand soap without high pricing. Great cherry scent. 


PIT STOP Concentrated cleaning power allows for cost effective use and maximum value. Dilute with water for maximum value. For use anywhere!


POWER SHOT One of our newest hand cleaners contains heavy-duty pumice for tough cleaning power. Designed for use across many industries for its ability to clean without aggressive solvents. Your nose will approve of its wonderful cherry scent.


W.O.W Not every work site has access to water for hand washing, so Sunrise has designed “W.O.W”. Simply apply to your dirty hands and watch the grease and grime melt away as you massage it into your palms, fingers and lower arm area.



Sunrise Food Division Guide


Do you cook, bake, bottle, brew or distill? If so, you know cleaning and sanitizing are vital parts of your business. Contact Sunrise to make sure your facility is not only being compliant but also cost effective. 

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Natural, easy and cost effective.


Sunrise offers high quality products for all your asphalt and concrete needs.We offer environmental compliance products that can be used before and after saving you time and money. 


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