ARMOUR GUARD  A revolutionary system designed to rejuvenate vinyl, plastics, leather, rubber, wood, chrome and some painted surfaces. Not only does ARMOUR GUARD create a beautiful cosmetic effect, but it also provides a functional, non-slip barrier against deterioration. (#2062)


BLACK WIDOW  Amazing new formula BLACK WIDOW  tire shine is casting a shadow on the competition. This long lasting formula lasts for days even through vehicle washing and rain. protects and prevents from tire browning. BLACK WIDOW is outstanding for use on rubber, plastics, vinyl tops and tires. (#2236*)


CABLE CLEAN  Penetrates dirt, grime and corrosion instantly. Seals battery surface and allows battery-associated attachments to be kept in the best of condition, in or out of storage. Spray batteries with a light application for lasting protection.  (#1046)


CARB FREE Cleans, penetrates and dissolves gum, varnish and carbon from carburetor, linkage, butterfly valve, automatic choke, PCV system, and other critical areas.  The THREE-WAY NOZZLE assures economy and flexibility. VOC Compliant for use in California. (#1044)


CLEAN ‘N SHINE  Leading-edge technology in the area of vehicle washing and detailing. The combination of detergents, surfactants, water softening  and glazing compounds in this product enables it to remove the toughest grime while at the same time, leave a lustrous glazing on the surface. (#2101)


DEFROST  Thaws ice from headlights, locks, doors, icy steps, equipment, and other surfaces and objects where ice removal is necessary for safe operation. Easy application. Specially useful for large trucks with hard to reach windows. Works instantly for minimal down time. (#1007)


DRY-OUT An outstanding product for the displacement of moisture in ignition systems and electrical circuits. Just spray on wires, coils, distributors, points and plugs. DRY OUT will remove dirt and oil films from these parts as well as displacing moisture. (#1023)


DYNAMITE  A scientific blend of fine carnauba waxes does an outstanding job in restoring and protecting all painted surfaces such as cars, trucks, planes, motorcycles, boats and even desks and filing cabinets. Quickly removes years of oxidation while leaving a brilliant shine. (#1049*)


ENHANCE  Designed and dedicated to the total protection and rejuvenation of vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, chrome, and most painted surfaces. Not only does it restore and create a beautiful cosmetic effect, but it also serves as a functional barrier against the harmful effects of age, elements and general wear and tear. (#1025)


GLIMMER  A complex blend of emulsifiers and carnauba wax that is specifically formulated for use on all types of lacquer and enamel finishes, including clear coat and color coated finishes. GLIMMER is ideal for buffing out dead paint as well as unsightly blemishes on vehicles, such as scratch marks. (#1029)


KLEEN BRAKE  Cleans without damage. Will not adversely attack metal or brake shoes. Flushes away contaminants and evaporates instantly. KLEEN BRAKE may be applied to equipment while working. Minimum residual film. Cleaned parts may be handled immediately. Non-flammable. (#1098*)


MD-77  Powdered soap formulated for heavy duty cleaning of trucks, buses, heavy equipment and all stubborn cleaning applications. SUNRISE’S amazing blend of cleaning compounds is safe to use on acrylic, lacquer, & metallic painted surfaces, chrome, aluminum and stainless steel when used as directed. (#4012)


MIRACLE WASH  Single-phase wash & wax.  MIRACLE WASH is the leading-edge technology in the area of vehicle washing and detailing. The economical dilution ability allows the user to benefit with reduced costs and increased profitability. Neutral PH for environmentally safe use. (#2200)


PREEN  SUNRISE’S amazing ARMOURGUARD/ENHANCE formulas are now available in this handy, easy-to-use, disposable towel. You receive all the convenience and effectiveness of these products in this all new format. Simply remove a towel from the bucket and wipe on any rubber, vinyl or leather surface. (#4030)


QUICK SHINE  A one-step, easy to use detail and wash spray for all types of vehicles.  QUICK SHINE is designed to be used to keep your vehicle clean and sparkling in between washes.  Using QUICK SHINE on a consistent basis will add a layer of protection against the elements your vehicle encounters everyday. (#2090*)


RADEX 321  Provides sure protection against harmful corrosion and scale buildup. These harmful deposits can mean higher engine temperatures and shorter engine life. RADEX 321 is safe to use with all types of anti-freeze and is buffered to neutralize the acid by-products of anti-freeze breakdown. (#2059)


REFLECTION  A blend of emulsifiers and micro-waxes specifically formulated for use on all lacquer and enamel finishes (including new clear coat/color coat finishes) and chrome trim. REFLECTION will stand up to weather, dirt, and detergents while maintaining a long lasting shine. (#1054)


RENEWZ  Designed to put the black shine back in your vehicles faded and oxidized plastic and rubber.  RENEWZ is ideal for use on plastic bumpers, side rails on pick ups, plastic door handles, plastic between the car hood and windshield or anywhere you notice your plastic becoming oxidized. (#1128)


RINSE FREE  The highest quality, final rinse additive for all types of car washing machines. It is used to eliminate spotting, speed air drying, and insure gleaming glass, plastic, chrome, metal, stainless steel and aluminum. RINSE FREE can be used in any type of rinse injection proportioning system. (#2072)


SEE & THAW  Concentrated windshield washer fluid for use in all temperature ranges. Quickly cleans windshields, headlights, mirrors and other vital operating components. Reduced emulsifiers limit hazardous streaking on glass. Provides protection down to -70°F. See SUNRISE’S TUNDRA for CA use. (#2008)


SPIT-FIRE  This product is specifically formulated to eliminate engine deposits, gum, varnish and carbon formations. It is as effective in cleaning sludge from the crankcase as it is in eliminating gum from fuel lines, carburetors or injectors of both gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines. (#2003*)


SUDSY  Formulated for use in both automatic and manual car washing systems. The high-volume foam and heavy concentration of SUDSY allows excellent foam stability at a very high rate of dilution. Dilute up to 300:1 for the industries’ most economical, foaming-wash soap. (#2037)


TRACTOR RESTORE  A scientific blend of fine carnauba waxes does an outstanding job in restoring and protecting your tractor from the harmful elements of nature. You will be amazed at the difference and ease of use that TRACTOR RESTORE provides. Special foaming actuator makes for easy application. (#1012)


TRAIL BLAZER  A superb new formula chemically design to be an effective replacement for Hydrofluoric Acid. Wash trucks, machinery and other types of equipment using TRAIL BLAZER. Advanced technology allows safe removal of grime, oxidation and calcium build up. (#2079)


TUNDRA  California compliant windshield washer fluid for use in all temperature ranges. Quickly cleans windshields, headlights, mirrors and other vital operating components. Reduced emulsifiers limit hazardous streaking on glass. Meets VOC requirements for “A” and “B” areas as described by CA-EPA. (#2137)


VECTOR  A powerful, non-flammable, non-corrosive cleaner. VECTOR is highly concentrated allowing for maximum dilution ratios. VECTOR is ideal for removing road film, diesel smoke and heavily soiled areas prone to the fleet industry. VECTOR is non-streaking and allows minimal agitation and scrubbing action. (#2067)


VULCAN This revolutionary tire sealant is quickly and easily installed through a tire’s valve stem. The adhesion properties keep the solution in place at all times, therefore ready to permanently seal any potential source of air loss for the life of the tire. Increases fuel efficiency and downtime due to flat tires. (#2238*)







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