AB-73  Designed for the removal of anodoc and chromate coatings on aluminum.   This powerful acid will out-perform any other product on the market for the removal of calcium stains of all kinds. The solution may be either brushed or sprayed on and allowed to dwell until a foam blanket occurs. (#2015)


CC-32  Removes hardened cement from handling equipment such as bulk cement haulers, Redi-mix equipment, cement mixers and locations in cement manufacturing plants. Clings to vertical surfaces for easier use, reduces rusting and penetrates corrosion and concrete. (#2011)


DAIRY BRITE  This amazing formula has been designed for the effortless removal of milk stone and other types of corrosion. DAIRY BRITE is the ultimate product for exterior use on stainless steel milk lines, tanks, glass windows, concrete tile and grouting. (#2070)


GLISTEN  Excellent for cleaning and deodorizing toilets and urinals, bathroom fixtures, showers, and porcelain. Formulated with a gentle acid for easy removal of scale buildup. Pleasant cherry scent and viscous body makes this product a favorite for all janitorial and cleaning crews.  (#2017*)


RUSTY  Designated to remove rust from all metal surfaces with ease. Apply full strength or reduce with water according to the rust build-up, or your required speed of operation. Packaged in easy and convenient 5 gallon containers with spigot attachment for safe transferring and pouring of this product. (#2127)


TOMAHAWK  Designed for the removal of road film, mineral deposits and hard water build up. TOMAHAWK is ideal for removing concrete and residue from fleet vehicles and Redi-mix trucks. Once applied, it leaves a clean and radiant shine on most surfaces. (#2073)


TRUCK RESTORE Designed for the removal of anodoc and chromate coatings on aluminum. Once applied, it leaves a clean and brilliant shine on most aluminum surfaces. Is safe on painted surfaces. This product has long been a favorite of our customers because nothing else works like it! (#2122)